From 2005 until August 2013, forgingahead was a site hosted by My-Expressions photoblogging service. Nearly 2000 pictures were posted in the main site and another few hundred on a companion site named Scanning My Life. When My-Expressions went offline in August 2013, the years of work were lost. On this page, I invite you to enjoy a sample of the many images that once lived on the earlier site.
I ran across a bunch of old negatives mostly taken during my college years at William and Mary between 1970 and 1972. I scanned at a fairly low resolution for most of them, so the size is limited. There was a lot of dust on many of them and I cleaned them up a bit, but they still show their age.

All images were taken on Tri-X film in my Nikormat Ftn (poor student's Nikon) with a Nikkor 50mm F2 lens.
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